Skype for Business 2016 - Mastering Meetings

Microsoft Skype for Business 2016 makes scheduling online meetings easy. Using Outlook, you can schedule an online meeting with up to up to 250 people, and they don’t all have to have Skype for Business. By the end of the class, you will better understand how to schedule, prepare for, and start online Skype for Business meetings. You can join the class in person, or if you’d like to experience a Skype for Business meeting from your desk, you can attend virtually by contacting the instructor. The instructor will send the URL for the Skype for Business meeting a day in advance.

Course objectives: 

  • How to schedule an online Skype for Business meeting
  • How to specify advanced options for Skype for Business meetings to limit participation, presenters, etc.
  • How to prepare for a Skype for Business meeting
  • Setting up and starting a Skype for Business meeting
  • Options while conducting the meeting
  • Presenting content
  • Wrapping up a Skype for Business meeting
  • How to distribute a recording

What you will need:

If you are attending the course in person, you are welcome to bring your headset if you have one. Extra headsets will be provided for those who don't have one.

If you are attending the course virtually, you will need a computer with Internet access. To hear audio and ask questions through voice, we recommend that you use a Skype for Business-certified headset. If you don’t have access to a headset, you can join the audio portion of the course using your desk phone, or as long as your computer has a microphone, you could listen to the presentation with headphones or a computer speaker and contribute questions via chat. Or, you can join in person.

Skype for Business software is not required for participation in the class. If you do not have Skype for Business software, you will use the Skype for Business Web App and will need administrator access to install a small plug-in file that enables audio and video. The trainer will send you detailed instructions for joining the session in advance.

Note: At this time, the Skype training covers online meetings, contact list management, and instant messaging. It does not cover the phone features of Skype for Business.

For questions about this workshop, please contact KU IT Technology Instruction at or 785-864-0215.

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Office Productivity
Professional Development
No handout is available
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You should already have a basic understanding of using Skype for Business and scheduling meetings using Outlook.